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La Vallée Bleue is a young family-oriented company located in the Lotbinière area. In order to exploit its land’s potential to the full, La Vallée Bleue chose to focus on cultivating small fruits.

Thanks to its bountiful harvest of highbush blueberries, blackcurrants and organic cranberries, the company made its way into the local products market.

why buy


To buy locally is also to prioritize the quality of the ingredients. Our food companies in Québec thus strive to maintain and raise their standards and, consequently, to offer healthy and nutritious ingredients of the utmost quality. Your health can be positively impacted by the high quality of our ingredients. If an ingredient is consumed close to its harvest date, you can rest assured that its quality and freshness are exemplary. Fruits harvested when they are ripe thus display their full vitamin potential.
Our pride, as producers, is our expertise, which contributes to enriching Québec’s cultural life. The food sector brings together proud and passionate people who, day after day, shape our landscapes, renew our traditions and revive our memory.
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